DSA KYC – One PAN – One ID

As per clause 3.3 (b) of Direct Selling Guidelines 2016, “The details of Direct Sellers shall include and not be limited to verified proof of address, proof of identity and PAN”.

Adosha follows the rule of one Direct selling entity – one PAN number and vice versa. Accordingly, one PAN number can be attached only with one entity in normal circumstances. Following steps are being followed by the Company for ensuring the One PAN – One ID: Any direct seller cannot become direct seller once again during the activeness of his business entity. The direct selling entity remains active for 2 years from the date of transaction (either purchase or commission/remuneration from Adosha). After 2 years of in-activeness, the entity stands in the expired list of entities of the Company.

  • • The direct selling entity in the expired list may re-enlist as fresh business entity and his PAN number (which was earlier attached with entity expired) may be attached with the new entity.
  • • The in-active or expired business entity has the option of getting his/ her ID re-activated within 3 years of entity being transferred to expired list. He/ she shall do the same by a written request which after due diligence may be considered by an authorized Director of the company.
  • • Any such request after 3 years can be considered only in extreme cases and same to be approved in a BOARD meeting of company.